vegetarian mixed sandwiches, flatbread wraps and rolls

vegetarian mixed sandwiches, flatbread wraps and rolls

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an assortment of gourmet vegetarian sandwiches and wraps including locally grown produce, cheeses and house made pickles and relishes 


if your guests are eating sandwiches only. we recomend ordering 1.5 serves per person

*Gluten free sandwiches are sold and packaged seperately


Delivered on Time Everytime?

Reliability and a team you can trust. Our drivers are experienced and more importantly CARE about your order arriving on time.

Attention to Detail   

We label items as standard for dietary specs, but why not let us create personal labels for a special client or meeting room? Bespoke printed labels are just the beginning.

Fresh and local

Our meals are prepared fresh everyday for you, from market best produce that is locally sourced. We guarantee it.

Tailored Menus 

Our team would love to talk to you about your bespoke event and menu requirements