"You really were absolute lifesavers being able to pull that off with only 1 days’ notice, and the feedback I received about the quality of both the food was just amazing... I hope to be able to establish a great working relationship with your company, and to use your services for all of our future events. At this point I think I’d be crazy to book through anyone else."

"Lunch was delicious and looked stunning today (as always)."

"Thanks for making yummy food, great presentation and competitive pricing."

"I really appreciate your quick response and helping me out today. You’re a life saver!! Yet again some great feedback from our clients from their remarks "they have never seen such good looking and tasty food for a presentation before" - you guys really make us look good!"


"We ordered a fruit platter and also an afternoon platter with cheese and biscuits - the afternoon cheese platter in particular was beautifully presented with figs, grapes, and overall charm. Definitely impressed the guests and also the rest of the office who got to enjoy the leftovers. Huge quantities were provided which was very impressive. Will definitely order from the Catering Department again. I also recommended them to the other ladies in the office who order for corporate events, whom all enquired as to whom we used. Couldn't have asked for a better service!"

"Just wanted to send over a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on another stellar week of lunches :) We had people RAVING about the ribs today (and the cookies)...and the chicken / beef / noodle salad day (I think on Tuesday) was to die for. People couldn't stop talking about it. So thank you!"

"Just to let you know yesterday's lunch was DELICIOUS!!!!! We are very happy with how everything is going. Feedback is you are the best catering we have ever had!"

"OMG - everything was fantastic! The food was delicious, fresh and a big hit with all who were at the forum. The delivery guy was also very nice and personable... You will certainly be getting more business from us in the future."

"You guys were superstars as always. Thanks for your work and I look forward to working with you on future events!"

"AMAZING LUNCH! We were so happy with the catering you offered on Wednesday – it was amazing! All the ladies were so impressed."


What style of catering do you require?
Number of people?
Dietary Requirements.
Do you have a budget we need to work within?
Tell us your Theme/Style. We have a variety of platters and ways of presenting our food, do you have a preference to what Theme/Style would suit this occasion?


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Download our Sydney catering menu.

It features some of our more popular catering menu requests. If you would like a bespoke catering menu, or seek inspiration from our Chefs for your corporate meeting or creative event, or contact us today.



Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon (available from 7.30am)

Pots – min 5 of each type
- Premium yoghurt cup with house made strawberry compote, crushed nuts
- House toasted muesli topped with fruit compote, natural yoghurt
$5 each (min5)

Mini croissants
- ham and parmesan cream
- provolone, roma tomato, pink salt (v)
$20 (5 pcs) $40 (10pcs)

- Pastry chef's daily assortment of 3 bellow
$24 (5 pcs) $48 (10pcs)

- Savoury scones with herbed butter
$20 (5 pcs) $40 (10pcs )

- Mini warm pies
with apple and cinnamon / mixed berry
$19 (5 pcs) $38 (10pcs)

- Blueberry bagel with a schmear
(crème fraiche)
$20 (5 pcs) $40 (10pcs)

- Basket of European pastries and berries
$19 (5 pcs) $38 (10pcs)

- Chef's daily muffin
$19 (5 pcs) $38 (10pcs)

- Custard tart with fresh jam and nutmeg
$21 (5 pcs) $42 (10pcs)

- Box of assorted friands
$18 (5 pcs) $36 (10pcs)

- Macadamia shortbread
$18 (5 pcs) $36 (10pcs)

- Dark chocolate and sour cherry cookie
$18 (5 pcs) $36 (10pcs)

- Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
$17 (5 pcs) $34 (10pcs)

- Box of decadent chocolate brownies
$21 (5 pcs) $42 (10pcs)

- TCD Iced vo-vos
$21 (5 pcs) $42 (1 0pcs )



- Box of assorted artisan breads and flatbread wraps with gourmet fillings
(inc 20% vegetarian)
$45 each (5 pcs) $90 each (10pcs)

- Triple decker finger sandwiches
(incl 30% vegetarian
$40 each (5 pcs) $80 each (10pcs)

- Mini brioche sliders
- pulled pork, red cabbage slaw
- shredded chicken katsu, snow pea tendrils
- corn cake with avocado salsa
$20 (5 pcs) $40 (10pcs)


- Min 10 guests - served with damper style pull-apart bread

- Russian goulash soup with braised beef and vegetables
- Polish chicken noodle soup
- Split pea soup with feta and croutons
$11 per/person

(minimum of 5 per / variety unless otherwise specified)
Darlinghurst Pies
- Mini beef and burgundy pie
- Mini thai chicken pie
- Mini spinach and mushroom pie
$3.80 each

- Housemade cocktail sausage rolls
$3.80 each

- Arancini with assorted vegetarian fillings
$3.70 each

- Mini shortcrust quiche
$3.80 each

- Baked pork burrito with guacamole
$6.80 each

- Spicy buffalo wings served with blue cheese sauce and celery
$2.80 each (min20)


- Fresh fruit, dried fruit and assorted nuts
$35 each (5 pcs) $70 each (10pcs)

- Petit fruit skewers with fresh mint
$3.70 each (min 5)

- Rustic and seasonal exotic fruit platter
$35 each (5 pcs) $70 each (10pcs)

Communal bowl

Individual medium size noodle box (min. 5)
$8.8 each

- Chicken, butter lettuce, poached egg, cherry tomato, crispy speck, eschallot dressing

- Shredded chicken, quinoa, red grapes and mint

- Potato and green bean salad with roast garlic and French mustard dressing

- Cucumber, cherry tomato, olives and fresh herb salad

- Grilled vegetables, basil vinaigrette, fresh mozzarella

- Pear and walnut salad on bitter leaf with marinated goat's cheese

- Wild rice salad with currants, mushrooms and celery


Antipasto platter
– Arancini, dolmades, marinated vegetables, cold cuts, olives, dip and sliced baguette
$35 (serves 5) $70 (serves 10)

Vegetarian antipasto platter
– Char grilled marinated vegetables, arancini, assorted white cheeses, olives, dip, crudité, grissini
$35 (serves 5) $70 (serves 10)

Meat platter
– Thick cut sirloin, meatballs, sliced poached chicken. Served with condiments and sliced breads
$50 (serves 5) $100 (serves 10)

with chef's gourmet salad of the day [1/4pp]
$55 (serves 5) $110 (serves 10)

Rice peper roll platter
- Assorted rice paper rolls. Served with dipping sauce
$19 (5 pc) $38 (10pc)

Sushi platter
- Assorted sushi platter of vegetarian, seafood and meat varieties
$60 (small) $100 (large)

Pretzel platter
- Housemade pretzel platter
$19 (5 pcs) $38 (10 pcs)


- Whole baked ricotta, rosemary and verjuice, dried pears, semi dried tomatoes, crisp bread

- Chef's selection of three cheeses, grissini, crackers, olives, plum paste
$45 (5 pcs) $90 (10 pcs)


$3.8 each
Minimum 10 of each

- Chicken ballotine with sour cherry compote

- Pork pancake with pickled cucumber

- Jerusalem artichoke custard tartlet, tomato concasse (v)

- Crostini with trout tartare, capers and watercress

- Petit high top chicken sandwich, micro basil, walnut and celery

- Spanish frittata of braised mushroom, potato, confit garlic (v)

- Fresh spring roll of tofu, shiitake mushroom, vietnamese herbs (v)

- Mini soft shell taco, seasoned rice, roasted pepper and corn salsa


$5 each
Minimum 10 of each

- Mini prawn cocktail cups

- Petit steak sandwich, onion jam, rare roast beef, sliced cherry tomato, rocket


Eastcoast Fresh Juice
- Premium orange juice
- Traditional fresh lemonade
- Cloudy apple juice
- Ruby grapefruit juice
- Cranberry juice (extra $1)
$8.5 (2litre)

Hepburn Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
$8 (750ml) $3 (275ml)

Hepburn Still Natural Spring Water
$8 (750ml)

Hepburn Sparkling Fruit and Mineral Waters
- Lemon
- Pink grapefruit
- Blood orange
- Orange and passionfruit
- Chinotto
$4.5 (275ml)

Hepburn Sparkling Organic
- Cola
- Ginger beer
- Lemon lime bitters
$4.5 (275ml)

Nexba Real Ice Tea
- Watermelon
- Green apple and strawberry
$4.50 (355ml)

Eastcoast fresh juice
- orange
- apple
- pineapple
- lemonade
$3.3 (300ml)
Spring Water
$3 (600ml)

- Disposable plates and napkins
$1.10 p/p

- Disposable plates, cutlery and napkins
$1.50 p/p

- Minimum order for delivery $70. - Delivery charges may apply outside Sydney CBD. - Orders to be placed by 2pm for next day delivery. We will do all possible to fulfill any orders (or changes to existing orders) that are advised after this time, and while your specific requests may not be possible, we will attempt to source a suitable alternative. Orders received after 2pm (for next day delivery) will incur a 10% surcharge. - Orders are delivered with cocktail napkins. Should you require any further equipment, please advise us, and we will provide a quote for such items. - Lost or damaged equipment including baskets and platters will incur a fee to be determined at the time.

About Us

The Catering Department's daily catering menus are tailored by the Head Chef according to the season and availability. Our boutique catering service is offered to a limited number of clients - getting to know the individual tastes of just a few clients means The Catering Department can keep it simple, do it well, and leave the inspiration to the Chefs!

We can work with you on a menu that is suitable.

The Catering Department's team is led by Brendan Lloyd, Lyndall Wagstaff and Sonia Stanojevic, who between them, have over 20 years experience in the catering industry. The Catering Department was set-up to change the way companies entertain their staff and clients. We truly believe food is a celebration that can be enjoyed and remembered.